Terms of Service

We are temporarily offering free delivery on Salt Spring Island for orders totalling $70 or more due to COVID-19. Any shipping charges for your order of $70+ will be deducted. Please do not complete your order (make payment) and we will contact you. Also, we currently come to Victoria once a month or so, less frequently to Duncan/Cowichan. We are happy to deliver to your door free of charge for orders of $70 or more if you wish to wait to our next trip. Again, please complete your order except payment and we will contact you with the next date and discuss what you prefer, including a shipment via a courier.

This is where we hire a lawyer to describe the terms in legalize to try to keep folks from suing us (which we don't appreciate). Instead, we trust that folks will be reasonable and so will we!  In fact, we often bend over backwards to keep things level. Some clarification from time to time is needed--hence the above explanation about free deliveries.