Frequently Asked Questions

How to Consume

How long will bone broth last?

We ship frozen and insulated; fast enough that it should arrive frozen. Our Premium Bone Broths should be kept frozen until ready to be consumed and can be kept up to 6 months in the freezer. Keep thawed broth in the refrigerator and consume within 7 days. Please refer to the Best Before date recommended on the bottom of the container.


Where are your products made?

Our products are made on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. We employ a handful of local Islanders in our small production shop who share our enthusiasm for providing quality, nutrient rich products to a growing community of health-conscious consumers.

Are your products non-GMO?

Yes, all our products are non-GMO.

Is your bone broth organic?

We use organic bones in our bone broth where possible. If we cannot get certified organic, we ensure the products come from pastured beef, sheep and pigs right here on Salt Spring Island or as local as possible. Our organic Chicken bones come from Dana in the Fraser Valley, our organic Simply Chicken backs and necks from Michael at Kildara Farms in North Saanich. Bison bones come from Bob at Morningstar Bison Ranch near Cedar on Vancouver Island. Our certified non-GMO Chicken Feet from Salmon Arm, BC. When we can't get local beef bones, they come from Gian at Two Rivers distribution who gets them from Blue Goose cattle ranch in Cache Creek, BC and Prairie Ranchers in Alberta. All of our vegetables we add to the broths are certified organic. 

How can I tell good quality bone broth?

Good quality bone broth has a high amount of collagen which causes it to jiggle when refrigerated. That jiggling is the indicator of quality. If bone broth doesn't jiggle, it is not high quality. All our bone broths jiggle.

How do you ensure quality?

We have strict standards of quality to produce our bone broths, which are made from beef, lamb, chicken and pigs that are humanely raised.

  • Organic and/or pasture-raised ingredients
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No extra salt
  • No artificial flavours or colours

Are your Fatbars organic?

All our Clean Keto and Paleo Fatbars are made without preservatives, do not contain any fillers, are organic and vegan. They are temperature sensitive and best kept cool. They can be eaten if melted, easier if re-refrigerated.

Are your Fatbars vegan?

Yes, our Clean Keto and Paleo Fatbars are vegan.

Are your Fatbars gluten-free?

Yes, our Clean Keto and Paleo Fatbars are gluten (and grain!) free.

How long do your baked goods last?

Please refer to the Best Before date on the package.

How long will your Fatbars last?

Our Clean Keto Fatbars should be kept in the fridge until ready to be consumed and can be kept up to two months in the fridge. They last at least 6 months when frozen.

What are the ingredients of your paleo bars?

Paleo bars have 3.3 g of raisins or 5.0 g of dates and no sugar.

Health Benefits

Will bone broth cure my health condition?

We are not medical experts, and this is not a medical website so we cannot give medical advice. However, the founders of the company have all seen amazing health benefits by using the products that we now sell.

Why do you make bone broth?

Bones are full of nutrients. However, as humans, we are unable to eat bones in their whole form. That is why we cook them. We simmer them for 10-20 hours to release their nutrients and get their full benefits.

Why do you call them Clean Fatbars?

We call them Clean Fatbars because they are non-GMO, have no preservatives, do not contain any fillers, are gluten free, organic, and vegan.


How do you ship your bone broth?

Our Premium Bone Broths are packaged and shipped frozen, 6 units in a box. Each unit holds 850 grams (30 ounces) and are made of non-estrogenic polyethylene plastic which is basically inert. We are happy to mix and match different flavours of Bone Broths, to be multiples of 6.

Can I buy direct from you without shipping?

Yes. To buy from us you would need to come to our location on Salt Spring Island. Take the ferry, come for the day, and you will have an amazing time visiting this beautiful island.

Will you ship your bone broth in glass jars?

No, we will not ship in glass jars because of the risk of breakage. We do have customers who come to Salt Spring Island to buy in glass jars though.

How long can I keep your bone broth once my shipment arrives?

We ship our premium bone broths frozen and fast enough that it should arrive frozen. If it is thawed when it arrives, keep it in the refrigerator and consume within seven days. If it arrives frozen, you can put it in the freezer where it can be kept up to six months. Please refer to the Best Before date on the bottom of the container.

Where do you ship?

We ship across British Columbia.

How do you ship your Fatbars?

Our Organic Clean Keto/Paleo Fatbars are shipped frozen, packaged in cases of 12 units. We are happy to mix and match different flavours of Fatbars. If they are melted when they arrive, they can be easily re-refrigerated.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we can offer free shipping. To qualify for free shipping, we require a minimum order of 24 units of bone broth and/or 72 units of Fatbars. Talk to us about free shipping – often you are qualified.

Are your products sold in stores?

Yes, our products are sold in stores on Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, and the Lower Mainland. Here is a list of stores that carry our products.

Do you come to Victoria and/or Duncan? Is there free shipping when you do?

We currently come to Victoria once a month or so. We are happy to deliver to your door free of charge for orders of $70 or more if you wish to wait to our next trip. Please complete your order except payment and we will contact you with the next date and discuss what you prefer. The same applies to Duncan/Cowichan/Ladysmith but we come less frequently and/or with haphazard timing.

Do you offer free shipping on Salt Spring?

We are temporarily offering free delivery on Salt Spring Island for orders totalling $70 or more due to COVID-19. Any shipping charges for your order of $70+ will be deducted.